Threading Treatment

The origins of threading treatment came to us from the eastern cultures and is believed to have started in Turkey or possibly India . It has popularity in Indian and Persian cultures and goes far back into their history. In Iran it has become almost a ceremonial requirement for special occasions like weddings. In Persia, eye brow threading was performed as a sign that that a young girl had made the transition to becoming a woman. We may never know that actual country of origin since many of these cultures exchanges ideas early in their history. There were trading routes that carried goods and cultural exchange throughout much of the East.

ThreadingPriceTime (Minutes)
Eye Brow£3.5010 – 15 minutes
Upper Lip£2.505 minutes
Forehead£3.005 minutes
Chin£3.005 minutes
Neck£5,0010 minutes
Sides£6.0010 minutes
Full Face£14.0020 minutes