Facial Treatment

Regular facials treatment are an integral part of skincare and skin treatment. Owing to the everyday hectic lifestyle that exposes our face and other body parts to dust, sun, pollution and dehydration. This leads to constant wear and tear of the skin making it mandatory for us to visit beauty clinics and hire facial services for skin treatment to repair and regenerate.

Facials Treatment Price Time (Minutes)
Microdermabrasion (incl. dermalogica touch therapy and mask) £30.00 course of 6 £150 35 minutes
Derma Roller (for acne scars, pigmentation, ageing concerns) £100.00 course of 3 £220 1 hour
Dermalogica Facials Price Time (Minutes)
Microzone (targeted treatment i.e. acne,pigmentation,sensitivity) £20.00 30 minutes
Deep Cleansing facial £30.00 50 minutes
Biosurface Chemical Peel (congestion, skin roughness, acne and acne scars) £50.00 1 hour
Age Smart (anti-ageing) £40.00 1 hour
MediBac (for adult acne) £40.00 1 hour
Ultra Calming (for sensitized skin) £40.00 1 hour
Ion-Active treatment (treat skin conditions inside out) £45.00 1 hour
Deluxe Anti-Ageing Treatment (Anenhanced version of GUINOT’S Signature treatment that helps deprogramme the skin’s ageing process for a longer-lasting youthful omplexion) HYDRADERM AGE LOGIC £75.00 course of 3 £200 60 minutes
Instant Lifting Treatment ( A non-invasive treatment using muscle stimulation to lift and firm facial contours) HYDRADERM LIFT £60.00 course of 3 £160/course of 6 £300/ course of 9 £450 60 minutes
Express Lifting Treatment (An express version of the instant Lifting treatment) HYDRADERM LIFT EXPRESS £45.00 course of 3 £125/course of 6 £240/ course of 9 £360 35 minutes
Deluxe Lifting Treatment (Combination of Hydraderm Age logic and Hydraderm Lift) HYDRADERM LIFT EXPRESS £110.00 course of 3 £300 90 Minutes
Eye contour Treatment (Specialised anti-ageing treatment for the delicate eye contour targeting wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles) HYDRADERM EYE LOGIC £50.00 course of 3 £120/course of 6 £220 40 Minutes
Ultimate Anti-Ageing Treatment (Increase radiance and firmness and reduce lines and wrinkles with Pure Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen) AGE SUMMUM £65.00 course of 3 £180 60 Minutes
Youth Treatment Course (Combination of treatments to achieve even better results suitable for before any special occasions) £180.00 3 sessions
Express Deep Cleansing Treatment Treatment using gentle heat for clear, glowing skin HYDRACLEAN £30.00 30 minutes
Signature Guinot Treatment Cusomised treatment to rehydrate, regenerate and deep-cleanse the skin HYDRADERM CELLULAR ENERGY £60.00 course of 3 £160/ course of 6 £300 60 minutes
Pre and Pos Sun Treatment An effective facial for maintaining a healthy complexion before and after sun exposure HYDRADERM CELLULAR ENERGY LONGUE VIE SOLEIL £60.00 course of 2 £105 60 minutes
Renewed Radiance Treatment with Fruit Acid Double Peeling”treatment for an even skin tone and complexion HYDRA PEELING (BEAUTE NEUVE) £48.00 course of 3 £130 50 Minutes
Firming and Rejuvenating Treatment with Pro-Collagen treatment that promotes firm and youthful skin LIFTOSOME £55.00 course of 3 £150 50 Minutes
Revitalising and Relaxing Treatment with Essential Oils Radiance-enhancing treatment using essential oils and plant extracts to energise, treat and purify the skin AROMATIC £45.00 50 Minutes